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I [Just] Conducted an Exit Interview for an Unhappy Gen Z. She Confused Me Big Time.

Am I out of touch? Maybe.

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Apr 7, 2024



A young lady looking stern and angry.

Are we genuinely doing such a bad job in the workplace? Photo by Natalie Heathcoat on Unsplash

Every interview is unique.

Hiring interviews can be positive and fun. Promotion interviews are competitive and may involve unspoken fist bumps. Exit interviews can be explosive.

Yes, you read that right. Explosive.

And what upsets a recent outgoing Gen Z… confused me.

“No One Teaches Me What to Do.”

This is surprising.

I am sure we have mentorship programs. Team leads, and managers are also told to spend more time with the juniors so they can assimilate into the company fast.

We don’t leave them alone to perish at a desk by the far corner.

To hear this feedback in an exit interview is shocking.

This is the last thing my HR Director wants to know. His laments ring loudly in my head.

“Come on, you assh0les! No one will groom the youngsters in your charge on your behalf!”

And because this is surprising [to me], I zipped my lips and paid close attention to the words entering my ears.

She spoke, I wrote.

“Everyone dropped me emails on how to do what. Some colleagues are so overwhelmed with work that they reply to my Teams messages with a hyperlink to the company’s Sharepoint for onboarding information.”

I scribbled on with no judgment.

Jasmine ended with this.

“There is a difference, right? I can read English. But that is different from knowing what to do or comprehending the written words. I need someone to attend to me!”

Her voice got louder and was filled with exasperation.

I put my pen down, rubbed my palms, and gave this feedback some thought.

"We need to pay more attention to newcomers. "

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Above was found in my email, only copied what I could from the site as don’t have a membershiop with Medium.

but the message is very clear - spending time with newcomers not just with emails - is essential in so many ways

Thanks Tom. An interesting and pertinent read … wish I had more time!!!

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Welcome to Discourse, so
Pleased you are here and yes it does seem like just another place time could get drained away !

And am hoping over the medium term is that it will provide a forum for us to discuss and evolve things in a more public eye.

A valuable alternative to WhatsApp and for all volunteer partners may be beyond too in time

Best Tom

thanks Tom, I enjoyed reading it,