About the Request for Training category

This category is a place for requests for NVC training or other services that an NVC Trainer might offer.

Requests for trainings can be posted by anyone. As an NVC Trainer, please respond to the topic if you want to make an offer towards this request.

Anyone is free to make an offer to those who have requested the training. You are requested to post a reply to the topic if you have contacted the party requesting.

When responding to a request please consider the following:

  • your time and energy. Do you have enough resources available?
  • estimate how much time you will spend on the fulfillment of the request
  • think about what you want to offer and how it fits the request
  • give a reasonable price that values your skills and effort

Please bear in mind: we are not in competition. Giving good quality NVC training is in the interest of everyone and in the end will increase the market for more NVC training.

Find ways to share what you learn, what worked and what didn’t on this discourse (in another category please).